Drop-safe notebooks

Slow-motion video shows a laptop disk drive bracing for a fall

What’s the one irreplaceable piece of a notebook computer?  Any data that’s not backed up.  The latest in laptop data protection is a zero-G sensor that automatically parks a hard drive head whenever a laptop goes into free fall. 


This is an extremely slow-motion video of an actual disk drive head being parked as the drive falls.  The drive spins at 7200 rpm, which is seen here as very slow rotation.  Note the bounce at the bottom!

More facts about the zero-G sensor and the G-Force Protection feature on Seagate’s Momentus 7200 drive: 

  • It is fast enough to protect in drops as little as 7 inches 
  • It senses in 3 axes, allowing it to “feel” head-over-heels tumbles as well as a simple vertical drop
  • The drive is plug-compatible with standard laptop drives, and requires no configuration to enable the feature

Very cool upsell for a new or existing laptop!


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