It’s a mall world after all

In Singapore, IT malls take competition to another level

Funan DigitalLife Mall

Singapore is a lush, clean and beautiful city, with more shopping malls per capita than I’ve seen anywhere.  It’s no surprise that when it comes to computers, consumer electronics and even business systems, Singaporeans head to the mall.

Like most places, there are electronics superstores here.  But IT malls are the most acitve market for technology for consumers and small businesses. 

Funan DigitalLife Mall is a high-end version; in the past I’ve visited its down-and-dirty sibling, SimLim Square.   Imagine a Best Buy store with 20 competitors, all offering basically the same products, all inside a single enclosed mall. 

It’s no wonder that prices are so competitive here.  Imagine how difficult it is for these businesses to differentiate themselves.  Last trip I was able to buy a mobile storage chassis, ready to plug in a 2.5″ disk drive for a working solution, for about US$3.50.

At Funan, brand name computers and consumer electronics dominate.  Consumers and businesses go to SimLim more to buy components or to have a shop custom build a system for them while they wait.




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