Let my people go

The US broadband industry needs to catch up with the rest of the world 

Most US businesses today can get 6Mbit/sec broadband – if they’re not excluded due to their rural location.  Sound speedy to you?  You don’t know what you’re missing.

 According to Robert Mitchell at Computerworld:

Will you get the bandwidth you need? If your business is in Europe or Asia, the answer is yes. The average advertised bandwidth in Japan is just under 1Gbit/sec. In Korea and France, it’s over 40Mbit/sec. That sort of capacity will drive innovations that U.S. businesses can’t even envision yet.

It’s not technology limited.  It’s how the industry is set up and regulated.

Bandwidth is as important to today’s information-enabled businesses as air shipping is to Fedex and UPS.  The US regulatory powers that be need to make changes – and fast – or risk serious competitive disadvantage for US-based business.


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