Lost data bites Best Buy

 A single lost laptop may cost them $54M


More proof of the growing value of personal data:  Best Buy is being sued for $54m over the loss of a laptop computer.  That’s for one laptop.  Here’s the blog from the person suing Best Buy.

Granted, lawsuits don’t often settle for the amount proposed, and the lawsuit isn’t just about the data.  But it’s another step up the monetary value ladder for personal information.

An individual, not a class action suit 

What’s extraordinary is that this is an individual.  Until now, the “scandals” around personal data loss have related to personal records from thousands or millions of individuals.  I’ve posted several times on these events – here and here, for example.

Encrypted laptops are the future

The clear message: data on laptops needs to be secure!   Seagate’s got a take on this – check it out.

What’s your data worth?  How much would you sue for the information on your PC?  Let’s compare notes.


2 responses to “Lost data bites Best Buy

  1. There is no question that every laptop should have its data encrypted – in the event the laptop is lost or stolen. But if you stop there you have only told half the story.

    No doubt, if your laptop is lost or stolen it is comforting to know your data, particularly your personal data, can not be accessed. Still, you are left with one very large, fundamental problem – your data is gone. The bad guys can’t get to your data…but neither can you.

    Using encrypted laptop drives in combination with an online, offsite back up service is the way to go. The first solution to keep the bad guys from stealing your critical data and identity, the second to ensure you always have a near real-time back up of your data and can get to that data anytime, anywhere.

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