Atrato: a new kind of high performance storage

Content access time is the performance metric for Web 2.0 enterprise storage


A very cool entrant in the storage space: Atrato.  Think “black box” storage:  hundreds of 2.5″ drives, sealed in a 3-year maintenance-free containter that’s “fail-in-place”  Does that mean it keeps working for 3 years despite losing a few drives along the way?  Let us know if you know.

Atrato is focused on instant access.  This is the high capacity content-serving equivalent of transactional performance for traditional enterprise applications.  Expect to see more solutions for Web 2.0 infrasctructure that are screaming fast, but in a new way.

Robin Harris has a nice analysis of their new idea and product here

By the way, Atrato is a river in Columbia that Atrato (the company) says is the fastest in the world.  Creative name choice!


4 responses to “Atrato: a new kind of high performance storage

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  2. I bought a seagate desktop external drive a month ago and already it has failed me. i have worked with their representative to try to get it to work , but to no avail. Worse is they quoted me 1600.00 dollars for just the recovery process. Wow, more people should be aware of this.

  3. Sorry you had such a difficult experience. It’s a rare occurrence. I’ve forwarded your info on to Seagate Support – although it sounds like your remaining issue is recovery, not replacing the unit.

  4. Atrato is based in my backyard, and I think they have some very interesting technology.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the v2 product looks like, v1 from most start-ups is always disappointing to me, I want every cool feature and function from day one!

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