Windows Server 2008 launch highlights


  • Heroes Happen Here comic strip adventure
  • Tom Brokaw’s speech on unsung heroes who “put their feet on the ground and their hands on the keyboard” to move us all forward.  Are we collectively tomorrow’s greatest generation?
  • Steve Ballmer (mostly because of who and what he represents – his speech was mildly interesting)
  • The Virtual Launch Event for those who couldn’t come to LA.
  • The Windows Server 2008 feature set rocks! Taking IT automation to a new level.
  • Refreshing mix of about 4,000 real IT folks and system builders!  I’m jaded from many events like this with a whole bunch of vendors hobnobbing amongst ourselves.
  • LA sunshine and 70+ degrees in February (I live in Minnesota).

Update: photos from the event in Los Angeles:



3 responses to “Windows Server 2008 launch highlights

  1. What was in the goodie bag?

  2. I didn’t get one because Seagate was a sponsor. But I saw that it was a pretty nice backpack with lots of demo disks, some flashy Microsoft brochures, and spec sheets from a vast array of sponsors.

  3. FredAtMicrosoft

    The goodie bag has free versions of all three launch programs:
    1. Visual Studio 2008
    2. SQL Server 2008 (the CTP)
    3. Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (1 Yr. Evaluation)
    There’s also a free copy of Vista Ultimate Edition with SP1, some trial software from sponsors, and a coffee table photobook of “Heroes”, companies who were test clients for the software along with their stories.

    Fred Reckling
    Microsoft 2008 Joint Launch Team

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