Ford goes virtual

Two petabyte storage consolidation and virtualization up and running


Byte and Switch covered Ford’s revamp of their corporate data storage strategy, including 2 petabytes of virtualized storage.  They used IBM’s SAN Volume Controller and DS4000 & DS8000 systems. 

Ford’s Vijay Santoran says that they’ve tested EMC gear as well, and are not relying on a single solution.

Consolidation is paying off already, but it’s not a silver bullet 

From the sounds of it, Ford has been able to deliver on the promises of virtualized storage, including fewer chasses, less power, delayed storage growth.  Despite this, I believe Ford will ultimately be able to support more, not less data with this enabling architecture.

I’m a firm believer that storage as a business enabler trumps storage as a cost savings tool every time.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you.


3 responses to “Ford goes virtual

  1. If you think about as a regenerating process, obviously the business vision that defines the value of and need for the data has to come first.

    But when technologies come along to improve the management of the data, companies owe it to their stockholders to reduce that expense and free up capital that can then be invested in new business ventures, thus driving the demand for more storage.

    My question is – What is so central to Ford’s core competence that they are managing the data themselves? Why not outsource the management of it to experts? Doing so, will in the long run, reduce the overhead cost of the data, and thereby free up more capital for Ford to invest in their core products – automobiles.

  2. Good question. My take is that Ford is Old School. Probably can’t expect them to dive in to Web 2.0 head first.

  3. Back when I was working as an analyst, one of IBM’s competitors was constantly saying, “We never see IBM. They’re getting out of the storage business. Nobody uses the SAN Volume Controller. The DS8000 is dead.” You get the picture.

    To quote Miracle Max in my favorite movie, The Princess Bride, “Look who knows so much. Well, it just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.”

    So, I just want to say congratulations to IBM on this 2 petabyte win.

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