Flash: the devil is in the details

Moving from exciting technology to real-world product is not trivial 

Robin Harris posted yesterday and last week on flash – both are interesting reading.  My takeaway is that the more flash is applied, the more real-world wrinkles bubble to the surface.  That’s exactly as it should be – new technology buzz always begins with what’s possible, then moves to “OK, now how exactly will that work in my solution today?” 

Borrowing from disk drives to make flash work

Also noticed how most of the issues and workarounds are things that have already been addressed with today’s disk drives.  Just goes to show that storage devices are more than the media.  Seagate’s in a great position as they enter the flash solutions world because of their depth in experience in making storage devices out of storage media.

What do you think? 

Comments welcome!  How do you think you will use your first flash storage (beyond thumb drives)?  Have you already?


One response to “Flash: the devil is in the details

  1. I do not have any immediate plans to use flash for my storage needs (beyond the thumb drives I currently own). That said, the growth of flash goes beyond the usual scanning of a competitive matrix to compare the pros and cons of its technology over hard drives. Flash, SSD, has been the holy grail of technologists for years…a computer or server with no moving parts. And now, it is within grasp. As such, it has momentum, a buzz, that very few products or technologies have ever enjoyed. SSD will be purchased long before it is ready for prime-time just because its solid state – a marketing person’s dream..making it incumbent on those puchasing technology to carefully weigh cost, efficacy, MTBF and actual ROI before deploying.

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