Video is king

Storage demand is bucking negative trends, thanks in large part to video


Byte and Switch’s list of the hottest storage networking market segments shows a powerful trend at work.  Four out of their six hottest markets are video-intensive, demonstrating that moving pictures are the byte-hogs pushing content volume.

Video surveillance is number one on their list, forecast to be a $46 billion market in 2013.  These dollars are not all storage, but storage devices play a key enabling role in these solutions.

Entertainment (video production and distribution) is at #2, followed by Web 2.0 (including YouTube) at #3.  Sixth on the list is medical archiving, spurred by medical records heavy with hi-res patient images.

Conspicuously absent from Byte and Switch’s list is the home market.  Granted, much of this is not networked, but for the first time, consumer data has surpassed business data in volume.  Not as sexy as some of the above categories, but definitely worth considering if you’re a local provider looking to satisfy a growing need.


7 responses to “Video is king

  1. Bluray server Bluray Server Phantom Data Systems Inc also known as BluRay Jukeboxes. Mostly for medical imaging, graphics, government and research.


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