Power down to scale up

2.5″ enterprise drives reduce storage system power


Conventional wisdom is that 2.5″ enterprise drives are great for servers, but need more capacity to be viable in storage systems.  Problem is, conventional wisdom didn’t account for the vast quantities of these systems packed into an internet data center.

Mario Apicella, InfoWorld’s Storage Advisor, takes a look at Infortrend’s B12 storage system and says the future is now for 2.5″ SAS drives. 

Why?  Less real estate, obviously.  But also much lower power for the same performance: 2.6 Watts less per drive than same-capacity 3.5″ drives.  And dramatically less weight to ship, move around and pile on floors.  

Re-engineering current systems for smaller-format drives is the easiest, most effective way to make storage more energy friendly.

Here’s more info on the Savvio 2.5″ 15K SAS drive Mario referred to in his post. 

Who’s using 2.5″ SAS today?  Servers and/or storage.  What’s your experience?


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