Greatest Hitz

Dave Hitz from NetApp on data retention, flash, forks


I read an interesting profile of Dave Hitz, founder and EVP of NetApp in the latest ComputerWorld magazine.  (yes, the actual magazine, made from real paper products!).  Great perspectives on the growth of information and storage.  I recommend you take a look, even electronically.


  • Deleting data is more difficult for most companies than finding room to save it. A customer CIO quote: “There are two kinds of data: information deleted within a week and data kept forever.”
  • Data rarely ever disappears.  Deleting an old email doesn’t protect one legally if the receiver has a copy.
  • Flash and SSD will start to have an impact in the enterprise, even though many supposed storage alternatives to disk never made it.  Flash is different because it’s a classic come-from-below disrupting technology.
  • Flash will also find a place displacing/expanding RAM cache.  It’s 10X disk price, but 100X random read speeds vs. disk.
  • His favorite foods are those you can eat without a fork.

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