It’s not fair

Security breaches of sensitive customer information don’t follow logic

Steve Duplessie is concerned for Hannaford, a Maine retailer suffering from bad press related to credit card data theft from their customers. 

He points out that they followed Visa security guidelines perfectly, yet are getting as much or more grief than TJMaxx, who he thinks did “everything wrong.” 

You’re right Steve, it’s not fair.  And that’s the point!  Information has gotten to be so valuable to people and businesses that it’s no longer good enough to reactively “follow the process” in keeping it safe.  Businesses need to get in front of the curve or risk subjecting themselves to the unpredictable wrath of society.

Data security needs to rise to the top of IT priorities.  Companies of all sizes need guidance and solutions that let them be proactive in protecting their customers.



4 responses to “It’s not fair

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  2. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  3. I agree – information is the new currency. Might sounds dramatic but industrial espionage is on the increase (how much would company A pay to get the Proposal the competitor is about to submit ?).
    Data security can not be a secondary afterthought – companies need to invest in strict security audits and employ a full time security officer/ team.

    Just my thoughts
    The Techie Guy

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