Facebook’s real world stretching to match its virtual world

Servers supporting Web 2.0 are very real – and very costly

Business Week reports that Facebook’s new pile of cash will be used to buy servers.  They currently have 10,000;  they’ll get 50,000 more.  Yet they’re way behind Google and MSN in the computing arms race.

Om Malik draws some conclusions on this as well.

In Web 2.0 terms, servers mean storing as much as processing.  Traditionally servers were all about crunching the numbers.  Even today, high-end servers doing the transactional heavy lifting in businesses of all types rely on the fastest disk drives – even enterprise SSDs – but require little capacity.

Changing IT as we know it

Facebook’s investment is a stark example of how hardware in general and storage in particular are a very necessary part of our growing cyber communities.  

These are early days.  Expect continued acceleration in these kinds of investments, and watch for the consequences of such a large techno-economic shift. 


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