Bill Watkins on Seagate

Whatever the media, storage marches on

Here’s a fun read from Maximum PC: David Murphy’s interview of Seagate’s Bill Watkins.   He tells it like it is – which is a refreshing change from your average CEO.  Bill covers a lot of ground – worth the time if you’ve got it.

Takeaways for solution providers

  • 1 TB sounds like a lot of storage, but it’s no larger than 5 MB was in 1979.  Like then, people will surprise themselves with how easily they fill it up.
  • Your biggest storage opportunity is helping your customers use all of their data – not just what’s on their PC. 
  • Your customers don’t care if it’s flash or disk or optical or green goo from Mars – they want storage that works for them.  Don’t get distracted. 
  • DVDs and CDs are dinosaurs.  Electronic distribution is the new species, and demands lots of storage to enable it.

Answer the question “How much storage do you need?”

Seagate has a simple tool on (under Useful Links on this page) that helps you figure out how much storage you or your customers need for desktop PCs, notebooks and home servers.  Plug in your content usage, and out pops some recommendations. 

Give it a try and report back on how much storage YOU need.  Also, any feedback on the tool?  What could make it more useful?


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