Storage insights from the Intel Channel Conference

Storage is rising in importance for solutions, according to attendees

I’m at the Intel Channel Conference today in Minneapolis.  Looks like 100+ solution providers here.  I’ve been having lots of real-world, thought-provoking conversations. 


  • I’m not overstating the sea change in storage requirements for homes and businesses.  For these guys, storage is now on par with processors, networking and software in enabling solutions.
  • Data recovery is a growing need.  Solution providers prefer a local option to avoid the “send away and pray” effect.
  • SSD is a popular topic, but lots of head nodding when I suggest that the first real killer app will be enterprise, not laptops.
  • Notebook augmentation is a growing business for solution providers: buy off the shelf, customize with storage, software, services. 

High performance laptops are in

By the way, 7200 rpm drives look to rapidly ramp in notebooks this year as users look for desktop performance.  Consider getting in ahead of the crowd.  The drives are readily available.

Who’s using 7200 rpm today?  Are your customers asking for it?


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