Bare Metal Restore for dummies

Maxtor Safety Drill automates the complex PC recovery process

No, I’m not going to get all technical. 

I don’t have to, because there’s now an out-of-the-box Bare Metal Restore solution for almost anyone.  Seagate’s Maxtor One Touch external drives have a feature called Safety Drill, a system-level recovery capability that does all the messy work for you. 

Why should you care?  You (or your customer) can now bring a crashed PC back to its original state (image) without getting dirty. 

  • No manual rebuilding of files, directories, or software applications piece by piece. 
  • No wondering if you remembered everything that was on your PC before it died. 

Reseller Advocate Magazine recently posted a video on how Safety Drill works.

This is a big step forward for backup – and recovery in particular.   Look even smarter with your customers (or family) without having to take another technical how-to class.


2 responses to “Bare Metal Restore for dummies

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  2. Just a word of caution. After a seemingly good, 6 hour backup of my hard drive to a new Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus using Safety Drill, nothing was written to the drive. The drive is physically OK as other software writes correctly. If you decide to use this software verify the existence of the files before you get a surprise trying to recover. BTW, Tech Support verified my problem, with no resolution suggested . Running Win XP Pro SP3.

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