The real reason storage demand keeps growing

Content drives storage, but the reverse is partially true

There’s no doubt the developments I listed in Friday’s post are enabling storage growth.  But they are mostly just removing the speed bumps impeding the real driver. 

With apologies to Bill Clinton, “It’s the content, stupid.” 

Without a purpose, all that impressive technology would sit on the shelf.  Here are the real reasons storage demand will continue unabated:

  1. Broader use of content.  Hundreds of millions of additional people are using digital content in their daily lives due to developing global economies and new all-digital infrastructures.
  2. Richer content.  Each file, video, image and message continues to grow in size.  High definition video is single-handedly transforming storage in the home by quadrupling the storage space required by digital collectors.
  3. Increasing value of content.  Content is now worth real money to businesses and consumers alike.  This changes everything, as digital content is now bought, sold, collected, protected, and produced as evidence in legal matters, just like other financial instruments.

It’s tempting to think that the storage industry is luring new customers with dazzling storage technology.  The truth is they’re scrambling to keep up with customer demands for a good place to keep all their stuff.


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