Disk drive brand matters to IT end users

Seagate is a Top Five technology brand for a surprising number of IT end users

An end user IT survey by Everything Channel on CRN.com shows that disk drives aren’t as much a commodity as one might think. 

When asked what five vendors are most important for their technology provider to have a relationship with, Seagate was mentioned by a surprising number of IT folks.  All the more impressive given that Microsoft, HP and Dell take up 3 of the 5 spots for over 40% of the respondents.

For small businesses, Seagate was mentioned more than EMC, Sun, CA, SAP, Toshiba, Hitachi Data Systems and NetApp.  No other pure storage vendor (device or system) was on the list. 

Seagate had an even higher ranking on the list for medium-sized businesses.

Takeaways for a solution provider:

  1.  Saying “I use Seagate drives in my systems” (if you do) is valuable to your customers.  The largest multinationals don’t do this because they need their components multisourced for a variety of reasons. Neither do most of your competitors.  Stand out in a crowd!
  2. The Seagate brand can open the door for your external storage business.  There’s huge growth for NAS and backup solutions in small businesses that can’t afford or don’t want to hassle with “enterprise” storage from the typical vendor list.  Seagate’s Maxtor One Touch, Maxtor BlackArmor and Maxtor Shared Storage are ready-to-rock, entry-level business storage solutions from one of your customers’ favorite brands. 

What are you waiting for?


4 responses to “Disk drive brand matters to IT end users

  1. What am I waiting for? Is this a report or AD? Please don’t feed us these kind of garbage ok?

  2. I admit I’m biased, since I work for Seagate. But if I was a system builder, I would value this data and the idea that there’s a way for me to get an edge by leveraging a brand.

    But I’m not a system builder. What would you like to see more of from this blog?

  3. Oh I didn’t know you work for STX, I followed the link from Data Storage News to here. I thought your article was some kind of industrial report. Please accept my apology, you have every right to say anything in your own blog.

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