Flash is the new Disk

Because Disk looks more and more like Tape

Chris Evans points out the challenges of disk drive capacity outgrowing performance.  Sound familiar?  Until recently, these complaints were perennially aimed at linear-access tape technology, with random-access disk in the role of savior.

As disk now faces the same “can’t get the data out fast enough” problem, the solution is clear: SSDs.  Flash is the new access king in storage.  Or will be, because early products are struggling with reliability, write performance, and other capabilities that disk drive device and interface technology have fine-tuned over the decades. You can’t expect a breakthrough technology to hit the ground running.

Yesterday I found this Microsoft presentation in the blogosphere on the topic from 2006: flash_is_good

I guess I wasn’t original with my “Disk is the New Tape” thing.  Makes the idea all the more interesting! 

Next question:  Is there room in the flash future for SSD, Disk and  Tape?


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