1.5 TB drive: the new king of capacity

The world’s biggest drives just got 50% bigger

Though not near as sound-bytable as 1 TB, Seagate’s announcement of the world’s first 1.5 TB drive is big news.  The newest Barracuda  7200.11 adds 500 gigabytes to each drive in one fell swoop. It’s the biggest capacity jump in the history of disk drives. 

Expect to see 1.5 TB and 3 TB solutions start popping up in all those high-capacity hot spots: high end destop PCs, backup drives and home entertainment systems. 

UPDATE: What others are saying:Engadget, ZD Net, Daily Tech, Blocks and Files and PC World.

Next: the exabyte drive

As era-changing milestones go, the next big one will be the exabyte drive.  Extrapolating surprisingly stable historic drive capacity growth trends, an exabyte drive could be here in 2020. 

Sound crazy?  The gigabyte drive appeared as recently as 1995.  Can you remember how crazy a terabyte drive sounded then?

What are your predictions for the exabyte drive?  Form factor, speed, power, name?


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