Bastionhost: the “secret location” data center

Keeps your data “somewhere between New York and London” so it’s safe and cheap to manage

Leave the urban data center hosting problems of high energy cost, aging infrastructure and complex regulation behind.  Start fresh in the wilds of Canada…at an undisclosed location called “Dataville“. 

Bastionhost seems to be having success with this colorful business plan. It seems their customers don’t care where their data is, as long as it’s given the respect it deserves – and they can get to it.  All the better if the data center can get really cheap power and use groundwater-based cooling. 

Ya gotta love a truly unique idea!  Looks more like a cold war missile silo than a data center, but that’s OK.


One response to “Bastionhost: the “secret location” data center

  1. Storage in the cloud makes a lot of sense. Putting it where both real estate and hydro-power are cheap also makes sense.
    However, the real breakthrough will be when the cloud storage providers provide built in storage optimization as part of their storage offerings.
    That would mean policy-based content-aware compression and deduplication of files stored in the cloud. If you can get 10:1 data reduction, that means the cost / Terabyte of stuff stored in the cloud is 1/10th of the raw cost of disk space.

    It has been the case for the last couple of years that storage optimiztaion – in the form of dedupe – was just for backup data. Dedupe does not do very well for online data, especially for Office, PDF, Mail, or rich media files. But now there are storage optimization tools that do get 10:1 results or better for online data, and there’s no better place for those to be implemented than transparently in cloud storage services.

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