PG&E rebates 3Par users

Businesses save twice with lower energy bills and a 50% kickback

Storage vendors often talk about how much money their customers will save in energy costs with systems that consume less power. 

3Par and PG&E are making this message a bit more tangible.

Byte and Switch says PG&E will now rebate 3Par customers half of the power savings projected to come from using 3Par’s thin provisioned solutions.

This is a big deal.  Utilities are recognizing the growing impact of data storage on their power grid.  This is PG&E’s way of voting for more power efficient systems from the storage community.

IT is moving out of the shadows

Expect to see more rebates and other encouragement from the “ecosystem”.  IT is becoming more visible to society, and will share more and more of the public policy dynamics long experienced by the auto and energy industries.

Would a rebate on your power bills impact your technology selection?


One response to “PG&E rebates 3Par users

  1. Pete,

    PG&E has been doing this with Copan for couple of years now. There may be startup opportunity here – power metering applications for storage arrays and other IT equipment. Sooner or later PG&E will ask for proof of saving.


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