Portable RAID from Addonics

A tweaker’s dream toy – but not for everyone

Engadget oggles Addonics’ new RAID box today, an awesome tech toy for RAID-to-go.  $99.

Interesting comments in the post on how much cooler it would be if it didn’t need an external power suppy.  That’s the trade-off between tinkerable boxes like this and a ready-to-use storage product like Seagate’s BlackArmor.  Just like home construction projects, the last 10% of “finish” can really make a difference in portable storage. 

It all depends on who you are and what you need. 

I could see Addonics’ Portable Dual Drive enclosure as a great starting point for a kick-butt specialized solution from a system builder.


3 responses to “Portable RAID from Addonics

  1. I want one! Only 4 months to Christmas.

  2. I purchased one and it consistently overheated. Drive choice might be important to keep it running. More details on my website if interested.

  3. It wouldn’t need an external power supply if the interface was Firewire. I run 2, 2.5″ Firewire drives daisy chained off a single FW400 cable on my mac (a 500GB and a 320GB drives). Now if I could have this instead, that would be just what I am looking for.

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