UK data losses spread to prisons

Take the Oops factor out of the security equation with mobile encryption

The UK government’s data security woes continue, the latest a misplaced USB stick containing detailed data on 10,000 serious offenders -and all 84,000 prisoners in England.  Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, in charge of UK prisons, is the Embarrassed Minister of the Month when it comes to UK data security.

Of course there will be lots of hand-wringing about this persistent trend.  The reality is that while processes can be improved, people will be people; stuff happens. 

Encryption makes lost drives no-news events

Mandate fully encrypted mobile storage like Seagate BlackArmor and the UK government will at least “oops” proof data on the move.


2 responses to “UK data losses spread to prisons

  1. The most worrying issue here is, if the government cannot manadate and ensure that an encryption policy is employed, how can we trust them with the more serious issues?

  2. Agreed. It’s a bit Katrina-esque. Another UK example in my post today: Mailsource.

    More commercial, but there’s a government oversight issue here as well.

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