Disk drives are not dinosaurs

SSDs are exciting, but disk drives will do the heavy lifting for a while


Fast Company’s Tech Watch interviewed Sherman Black, the General Manager of Seagate’s Enterprise group, and came away seemingly surprised that disk drives are a vibrant technology. 

The hype for SSDs is deafening these days, so step out of the Spin Room and let’s think about this calmly for a moment: 

  • Core technology shifts take decades
  • SSDs cost 5X – 10X their equivalent in disk drive storage
  • SSDs in notebooks don’t make much difference in performance, battery life or reliability
  • SSD long-term reliability is iffy so far
  • Solutions makers are still looking for a mainstream market for flash beyond $19.99  $15.99  $9.99 thumb drives
  • Many thoughtful industry voices are saying the same thing

Yes, there are promising niches.  Seagate sees segments of the enterprise market as a great place for its upcoming SSD solutions.

Sherman, by the way, is a perfect spokesperson for this topic from Seagate.  He’s always got a smile and firm handshake for you, but you can see the steel in his eyes.  Seagate and the rest of the disk drive industry are driven, racing to push the disk drive envelope even further. 

Disk technology is in the prime of its life, accelerating rather than slowing.  And the smart disk drive makers are adding SSDs to their bag of tricks even as they make their drives better.

It’s a great time to be in the storage business!


2 responses to “Disk drives are not dinosaurs

  1. I am simply hoping, that in the near future, we can finally convince everyone to transition away from tape.

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