Seagate FreeAgent: five firsts

500GB and thinner than a piece of toast

Seagate’s new FreeAgent consumer drives have a rockin’ new look and totally revamped innards.

I got my hands on the anorexic 250GB FreeAgent Go, said to be the world’s thinnest. Just how thin is it?

 The Go is very easy to use – a big improvement over the original. It took me 3 1/2 minutes to install, and 30 minutes to auto sync it with my My Documents folder (16 gigabytes’ worth).

Other “firsts” for the FreeAgent line:

  • First dockable consumer drive 
  • First 500 gigabyte portable drive
  • First 1.5 terabyte desktop drive
  • First Mac versions of FreeAgent
  • First FreeAgents with color choices (4)

The dock is the biggest deal, in my opinion.  With AutoSync and Auto Backup, I can drop it in the dock at work and at home to keep my data current.  This solves a nagging problem for me for my personal content.

The new FreeAgents are available starting today.  Let’s hear your experiences with these drives.


6 responses to “Seagate FreeAgent: five firsts

  1. Wow. That’s pretty thin – must have been some impressive engineering go into that to make it that thin. However, I didn’t really get to see how tall it is. And how much weight will it add to my backpack?

    BTW – You have a checkbook? And you carry it around with you? That is so 20th Century!

  2. Yeah, I’ve definitely straddling the fence between centuries.

    It’s almost exacly 3″ X 5″, and a half-inch thick. It weighs 5.6 oz. Here’s the details:

  3. This post (and the number of posts you have on Seagate) are suspicious. It feels to me like you’re a paid stooge of Seagate. How much are they paying you to infiltrate the blogosphere?

  4. Sam, you’re right – I am a paid “stooge” – I work for Seagate, which I make very clear on my About page. Sorry if you feel shnookered. I try to be objective and factual and don’t spend time slamming our competitors. I also spend most of my posts talking about industry matters.

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