i365: New construction on the virtual interstate

Seagate Services has shifed gears to become i365

Seagate has combined its services businesses into a standalone company called i365. The name reminds me of an interstate highway.  The more I think about it, that’s not a bad thing. 

When the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System was first conceived, it was a radical new aproach to getting around.  By building out a new infrastructure, personal travel was transformed.  It affected much more than transportation though.  The housing industry, economic development, city centers and leisure travel all went through significant and unforeseen shifts due to faster and easier transport.  There’s only so much you can predict.

i365 is one of a growing horde of companies riding the rails of a virtual equivalent of the Interstate Highway System – the internet – to provide faster and easier (and safer?) management of their data.  

The internet is on a path to have a bigger impact on society than the advent of cars and highways. And like the Interstate System, who knows really what that will mean in 20 years? 

I’m excited to see Seagate jumping in with both feet.


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