How I spend my time on the web

My choices directly affect my work and life

Blogs, articles, videos.  Twitter, FriendFeed, IM. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace. Not to mention email.  

As a Seagate blogger, I spend time on the web to get my job done.  But it’s not my “day job”. How do I participate in the Big Conversation in a way that adds to my job and my life, without hijacking them? 

I’ve struggled with this.  But the more time I spend, the more efficient I become.  And as social media seeps into more of my day job and my personal life, my online relationships – business and personal – become very real. 

The web is taking me places professionally and personally I couldn’t have gone otherwise. But I’m still hoping it doesn’t define my life. 

The key for me is balance and purpose.  Beth Canter created an interesting perspective on how to spend time on the web.  I’m not spending near the hours she suggests, but I think it’s because my activities in each area build on one another, like this, with a goal in mind.

How do you use the web, and keep the web from using you?


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