The Cloud is purifying storage

Cloud storage companies are peeling away everything but the bytes

More learnings from the IDC Enterprise Disk Storage Consumption Model report

Since 2005, the Cloud’s share of storage capacity has grown from less than 5% to almost 20%.  Yet the Cloud’s share of storage revenue has risen to only about 5% in the same time period. 

How can “Content Depots”, as IDC calls them, build data centers for one fourth the cost (storage-wise) of conventional corporate data centers?

They use more high-capacity SATA drives, but that’s only part of the answer.  Rather than using off-the-shelf enterprise storage systems, they are often building their own storage system/server contraptions to strip away anything that doesn’t add value as a big bucket for internet bits.  

Granted, these systems aren’t going to support your everyday ERP system.  But these changes should be watched closely.  Innovation by these end-users will migrate back to the rest of the industry to give us all more bytes per buck. 

It already is – in many of the latest greatest storage upstarts’ products.


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