Don’t fear the Cloud

Going digital is no longer a choice, but it doesn’t have to be scary 

Byte and Switch shared with quote from the wife of Thomas Hogan, SVP of HP Software, after seeing his presentation material as he prepared for a conference:

“What is cloud computing and do I need to be scared?”

I don’t blame her!  It does sound a bit ominous and intrusive.  It reminds me to stop now and then, step back from the technobabble, and think about how this stuff fits into the bigger picture.

This is all the more important as the consumer and technology worlds merge.  Going digital is no longer a choice. 

Storage, for example, is not gigabytes or access time to most people.  It’s photos, movies, and important papers.  It’s memories and dreams.   The Cloud is connection, insurance and convenience.

We need to adapt our language and even our products as the doors open wide and we bring what we do from behind the curtain to the mainstream world.


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