2.5″ enterprise drives cross the storage system barrier

Savvio is the world’s fastest drive – and uses up to 75% less power than 3.5″ drives


Seagate has rolled out a new generation of  Savvio 2.5″ enterprise drives.  They have better capacity, performance and power efficiency, of course.  But the really big news? These drives signal the performance/capacity/power crossover point between 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives. 

So for a 24-drive 2.5″ 10K rpm storage system vs. a 12-drive 3.5″ 15K rpm storage system:

  • Capacity is now the same (up to 300GB for 2.5″, up to 600GB for 3.5″)
  • Performance is 60% higher
  • Power consumption is 20% lower 

Until now, 2.5″ drives had won over the server market but not the storage system market.  Lower power 2.5″ drives didn’t make up for the cumulative power impact of packing twice as many drives into a single system.  And 2.5″ capacities peaked at 147GB.

No longer!  Expect to see accelerated adoption of 2.5″ into high performance storage systems.


3 responses to “2.5″ enterprise drives cross the storage system barrier

  1. Pete,

    It’s really nice to see this post, since this is a topic I’ve been following since I wrote about it in Storage Magazine a few years back. My hypothesis then was that 2.5″ drives were too small to make up for the physical size and power required in enterprise storage. Sounds like we were on the same wavelength!


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