Seagate leaders talk about the future

Seagate’s CEO Bill Watkins and Marketing SVP Pat King on the Wild West of storage


Chris Meilor listened in as Seagate CEO Bill Watkins and Marketing SVP Pat King talked about Seagate’s plans for home NAS, SSD, hybrid storage and more at a recent press event.  It’s a good read – check it out here.

Chris refers to the consumer storage market as the Wild West, but that moniker could easily be used to describe the storage market in general.  Dramatic change is underway across the spectrum, from the largest corporations overwhelmed with petabyte growth and data on the loose to the Dawning of the Digital Consumer. 

The storage industry is exciting (and always has been) for those who work in it.  It’s becoming more relevant and entertaining to those outside of the industry as content and its storage matter like never before.


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