How much storage is in your cubicle?

For me it’s 1.2 terabytes

In previous posts I’ve added up the storage in my home office and my living room.  Now it’s time to go to work:

  • Laptop: 100 GB
  • Local backup drive: 500 GB
  • Remote backup drive: 320 GB
  • Personal storage: 250 GB
  • Video camera: 40 GB
  • BlackBerry: 64 MB
  • TOTAL: 1.2 terabytes

My first blog post a year ago was about my full drive on my work PC.  Since then I’ve expanded to 100 gigabytes.  Nothing like my home PC, but work space requirements tend to be lower.

I’m in the midst of changing my backup method from a local desktop backup drive to a BlackArmor portable drive.  It allows me to backup my work remotely.  It’s got Seagate Secure technology, which means it’s hackproof – no worries about losing sensitive information.

I expect my next laptop to have a Seagate Secure encrypted drive inside as well. 

Someday it will be considered stupid – and maybe illegal – to use a hard drive that’s not self-encrypting in a business PC.


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