CentralAxis: storage that saves small businesses

It takes care of data so time-strapped staff don’t have to


Seagate introduced the Maxtor CentralAxis Business Edition, network storage for small businesses.  Like its little brother for the home, CentralAxis BE is a game changer. 

Unlike traditional storage solutions that are add-on afterthoughts and don’t always work well together, CentralAxis BE puts the content first.  It’s a single central storage solution that makes managing the changing demands for storage simpler and safer as a business grows:

  • Easy to install and manage with a compact design and anywhere access.  Staff can access and share data from anywhere via the web.
  • One system for the entire company with up to 2 terabytes of space.  One system works for all employees across Windows and Mac OSes.
  • Safety for all a company’s data with automatic backups for up to 20 PCs that save up to ten historical versions of information.  Backups are mirrored across two drives for added safety. Plug an external drive into a USB port for rotating backups offsite.

Need more space?  Add another CentralAxis BE. 

At some point you’ll probably need a more complicated solution.  You can put your IT department on that task…once your big enough to hire one.


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