Data protection endures the recession

Data growth and data value trump need to cut costs


Sepaton surveyed enterprise customers and found that data protection stays in the “have to” pile when it comes time to choose which bills to pay in these tough times.  A summary of Jon Toigo’s summary of Sepaton’s report:

  • Nearly 75% will maintain or increase data protection budgets in 2009
  • Investments are focused on reducing the cost of data protection
  • Large and growing volumes of data are becoming the business status quo
  • Virtualization is increasing data protection demands
  • A majority are using tape today; a minority expect to be using tape in 12 months

When times are tough, true priorities emerge.  The care and feeding of business data makes the list, it seems.


2 responses to “Data protection endures the recession

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  2. And you can use tools like to make your data secure, right?

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