Will Cisco enter the server business?

Servers would give them the third leg of the data center “stool”


Chris Mellor interpreted Cisco’s recent body language around servers.  Will they jump into the server business? 

It’s not that much of a stretch.  It’s only fair, as HP and others don’t shy away from dabbling in Cisco’s networking space. 

And Cisco has already crossed into the storage realm.

Used to be that IT was all about processing.  Today servers, storage and networking are the three legs of the data center stool.  They’re the Mind, Stomach and Voice of the digital body of business.

The smartest of the big players in all three spaces will look for ways to corner them all.


2 responses to “Will Cisco enter the server business?

  1. Cisco has been a long rumored destination for NetApp. NAS/SAN/iSCSI servers & security is a nice add on to Cisco’s current portfolio.

    Geography and culture are matches, too.

    Don Valentine and CEO, Dan Warmenhoven have histories with both companies.

    Add it all up and factoring in NTAP’s discounted price and Dan W.’s retirement, expect this to happen in 2009.

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