Information immortality from nEternity

You can live forever digitally for a “nominal price”.


Here’s another contributor to the growth of content in the world: information immortality. 

nEternity is offering to keep your digital life – photos, music, your blog – alive and available online forever – independent of your domain or the photo sharing service you’re using.

nEternity may or may not take off.  More significant is the trend it points towards: the extension of the lifetime of digital data.   Businesses will continue to lengthen their data’s life from here on. 

The rules for data retention are changing as digital copies are increasingly the only copies that exist.  This will create a new set of businesses focused on extending the life of digital records beyond the current technology on which they are stored.  It makes today’s digital archives look downright transitory. 

And you thought those backup tapes were troublesome…


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