Storage is the most important technology of the next 10 years

Storage will make the biggest impact of any technology in the 2010’s

Think I’m crazy?  Think again.

Information and energy drive today’s world.  The internet has re-invented life and work for the digitally enabled parts of the world, and the electrical grid and gas-powered transportation systems are what make our physical economy go round. 

Batteries and bytes will change the world

Storage is the prime enabler of both of these infrastructures. And storage innovations for both will revolutionize both of these infrastructures over the next few years.

Energy storage is better known as fuel. Conventional energy media – coal and gas – are finally giving way (partly) to more efficient media.  Notably, battery technology is at an inflection point, poised to transform automobiles and (yet again) information technology. 

The U.S. government is even considering a Sematech-like consortium to collectively catch up on battery manufacturing capability.

Information storage is also going through a media transition.  Solid state flash is finally ready to stand with disk drives and tape.  In the next decade, the new storage media ecosystem will transform personal and business computing in ways we can’t even know today. 

Information doesn’t get the headlines that software or processors or networking does, but none of these technologies would be usable without today’s storage technology.  More than ever before, information is the mother of all technology, and storage is where that information resides.


One response to “Storage is the most important technology of the next 10 years

  1. Pete, I couldn’t agree more. The “generic” 16GB
    flash drive that fits in the mini pocket of my blue jeans has carried over $100,000 worth of design
    info and presentations in a single dose. I have become dependent on it however. I await “gov. grade” version in 50GB!

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