Why I froze a disk drive in my ice rink

Check it out at my new digs on seagate.com! 

Yes, I’m moving on up to a better place in the Mother Ship. 

Storage Effect’s location is changing, but not the content.  Expect to see more of the same, including the first installment of the continuing saga of my frozen Seagate FreeAgent Go portable drive. 

The new url is http://media.seagate.com/center/storage-effect . Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed for the new page. 

Hope to see you there soon!


4 responses to “Why I froze a disk drive in my ice rink

  1. Pete….If I was a complete wacko I could come over to your backyard and chisel out all your data for my very own!!!!! Who knows what I would find.
    Perhaps one doc. that says YOU’RE BUSTED!

  2. I watched the Video of you removing the drive and testing it . You claimed expertise ….. Cold drive , Stuck lubricants , and your drop it into a dock and expect it to work . I am a Craftsman , and Repair man , of musical and electronic instruments , I watched in disbelief at the perfundity of that action . Try warming the drive in a electric blanket or heating pad on a medium setting for 6 hours , then test it again . You might be surprised .

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