Storage Effect is moving

My url is changing, but not my blog

I’m excited to be moving Storage Effect into better accommodations on  From now on, you can find Storage Effect at .

It’s been a blast growing the blog “off the radar”.  But taking advantage of the Seagate infrastructure will free me to focus more on the blog content and less on the site.  

For you it means exposure to Seagate’s burgeoning blog scene.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but we’re not calling the page “Seagate Blogs” for nothing.  You’ll also have easier access to videos and other cool content being generated at Seagate.

Be sure to change your Storage Effect link or subscribe to my new RSS feed to stay connected.

See you there!


4 responses to “Storage Effect is moving

  1. Amazing Site I like it. It Was Quite Interesting NiceWork I appreciate the information you provided Excellent post. Keep it up! Good day!

  2. Christian Turri

    Hi Pete, I know you may not like comments in this blog related to your employer but we are in a desperate situation here. I am not sure if you heard of the many problems the 7200.11 are having. The current situation is absolute mess. FW updates that brick drives, drives that brick only after few weeks of use, bad FW ISO images, bad FW updaters that don’t work, users losing all their data. You figure it out. But the main issue here is that Seagate doesn’t seem in control on the problems nor there is a clear communication channel for us (customers). Telephone is useless, they don’t know what’s going on. Email is completely flooded, impossible to get a response. The only think that has worked – to some extend – are the Seagate Forums. If you want to see what’s going on go there and read some posts. It’s a disgrace for Seagate, a really sad story for what it was my preferred HDD manufacturer…

  3. Hi Christian,
    I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with your drive. A few comments:
    – Your data is fine. The firmware bug in the Barracuda 11 drive can make the data inaccessible from a host, but doesn’t damage it.
    – Seagate is offering a free firmware upgrade if you’re affected:
    – You can also get help through Seagate’s call center: 1-800-SEAGATE (1 800 732-4283).

  4. Christian Turri

    Hi Pete, many thanks for your reply. I must say though I wasn’t clear enough in my comment. I wasn’t looking for information on how to contact Seagate Support or the specific KB article(s) that cover the drive issues I mentioned. Over the last few weeks I have been reading thousands of comments about the 7200.11 drives failing. While a bad product or bad FW is something that can happen, what is happening here is beyond all senses. Seagate Support has been consistently denying there is a problem. People wait sometimes 30mins on the line just to be told there is no new firmware etc. There has been 2 or 3 FW releases already but they were either not working or they had actually “bricked” working drives that people wanted to upgrade to prevent that same issue! See this sample thread on the Seagate Forums with hundreds of users affected:

    The issue(s) have been now widely reported in enthusiast media sites:,6867.html

    A buffet of lawyers has started to collect information about a potential class action lawsuit:

    While there are thousands of users around the world affected, either by “bricked” drives due to a FW bug or “bricked” drives due to a buggy FW Seagate doesn’t seem to want to address the issue seriously and openly. For instance the KB article you mention says that “drives manufactured in December 2008” are affected while this certainly is not true nor correct as the first drives failures started to be reported as early as Sept 2008. There has been a persistent series of cock ups, where bad firmware updates were released without QA and caused more drives to fail. KB articles get updated “silently” without users knowing there are changes; there is no directly communication between Seagate Support and us – your customers. The Seagate forum moderators delete messages and threads that speak against Seagate by angry customers (with very good reasons) instead of trying to help people or escalate the issue to Seagate Support. Online chat sessions get “disconnected” as soon as the word “FW” is mentioned. Seagate deployed an online “serial checker tool” that reported “bricked” drives as not defective and was shortly taken offline as it was not even checking for real HDD serial numbers. It’s really a total PR fiasco!

    My comment’s intention was to alert you and your company of the massive and recurring mismanagements that the FW issues on the 7200.11 drives has been experiencing. I don’t understand how Seagate can turn its back on its customers and treat these issues like minor problems. I can assure you that there are thousands of users that have sworn never to buy another Seagate in their lives. The damage done is beyond repair.

    I always liked Seagate but I feel terribly disappointed but what’s happening. So if you care enough and have someone senior enough to understand the huge damage that these issues are causing to your company I would appreciate that you forward this information onto him/her. Otherwise I will continue to read angry posts in forums on how Seagate is digging its grave and turning its back on its customers. And I will continue to wait for a working FW.

    Thanks for your time and apologies for the long comment.

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