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2nd Tier Storage Vendors 1, Recession 0

Counter-cyclical trends boost “value” storage companies now and later


My buddy in Sales is seeing an interesting trend.  Some second-Tier storage vendors are doing relatively well right now, as long as some amount of credit remains available for them.  Sales are holding steady, even increasing.

Why is that?  Their customers don’t have money to spend of course, but their data continues to grow.  They have to do something, so they’re foregoing expensive and service-contract-laden storage from the top Acronym vendors for cheaper storage systems that get them over the hump.

It makes sense if you think about it.  McDonald’s is reaping a minor windfall right now from diners foregoing sit-down restaurants.  People have to eat somewhere.

This could become more than a cyclical setback for the Big Guys if customers develop a taste for storage fast food.