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Don’t fear the Cloud

Going digital is no longer a choice, but it doesn’t have to be scary 

Byte and Switch shared with quote from the wife of Thomas Hogan, SVP of HP Software, after seeing his presentation material as he prepared for a conference:

“What is cloud computing and do I need to be scared?”

I don’t blame her!  It does sound a bit ominous and intrusive.  It reminds me to stop now and then, step back from the technobabble, and think about how this stuff fits into the bigger picture.

This is all the more important as the consumer and technology worlds merge.  Going digital is no longer a choice. 

Storage, for example, is not gigabytes or access time to most people.  It’s photos, movies, and important papers.  It’s memories and dreams.   The Cloud is connection, insurance and convenience.

We need to adapt our language and even our products as the doors open wide and we bring what we do from behind the curtain to the mainstream world.


What to do with billowing Cloud Storage

Storage philosophy is as important as storage technology

Storage is growing everywhere, but nowhere more than in the Clouds.  Here’s a link to my guest post on Sitepoint on storage technology and philosophies that can help battle the challenges of billowing Cloud Storage.

Parascale’s hardware-independent Cloud Storage

The skies are getting crowded with yet another cloud formation

Parascale‘s got a new angle on the Cloud: a software-based clustered file system that can form a cloud across hardware systems from different vendors.  Their sweet spot seems to be companies that need their own internal clouds.  Here’s the release from Byte and Switch. 

DCIG wonders if companies are ready for this atmospheric responsiblity.  

I’m a bit skeptical of hardware independence, based on first-hand experience at the turn of the millenium trying to get a heterogeneous storage pooling product to fly at StorageTek.  Anyone remember the SN6000?

It’s harder to achieve than it seems.  But the value is tremendous if Parascale can pull it off.

As the number of Cloud varieties grow, I think we need a Web Meteorologist.  What’s your forecast for DIY clouds?

EMC forecast: mostly cloudy

Will Cloud Computing take EMC from storage maker to storage user?


EMC is mostly known as a company that makes storage.  That may change in the future, according to Data Center Knowledge.  EMC’s Cloud Computing offering could someday rank them with Google, MSN and others as one of the top users of storage. 

EMC’s recent acquisition of Pi, a personal information management startup is a step in that direction, according to Chuck Hollis, EMC’s VP of product alliances:

“Like a diamond being set into a ring by an expert jeweler, Pi is potentially the centerpiece of a very intriguing strategic play. And one that not too many people will initially appreciate, I believe. I think people are having a tough time putting EMC into a neat industry bucket.”

EMC clearly has a unique vertical business model opportunity as a storage provider and consumer.   

Social networking demands more from storage

But no one’s yet sure exactly what

Byte and Switch talks about the storage impact of social networking on pure play Web 2.0 social networking sites as well as businesses in general. 

The infrastructure seems to be emulating the network it supports, demanding what they call “cloud computing”.  The needs are less about performance or even capacity, but managing the content cloud as it grows and changes.

EMC and IBM are on it.  So are a slew of newer storage technology companies. 

One thing’s for sure about storage for social networking: there’s going to be a lot of it.