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i365 gets physical with on-site storage

Local appliance addresses the biggest objection to cloud storage: loss of control

i365 has added an on-premises backup and recovery appliance to its EVault online backup and recovery services. 

One of the biggest inhibitors to Cloud Storage for backups has been that businesses don’t want to lose control of their data.  Drunken Data mounted the soapbox on this topic Monday. No matter what assurances a Cloud service makes, it’s hard not to feel safer with data on-site.

The poster child for this reluctance is Amazon S3, which guarantees 99.95% uptime, yet has a history that falls short of this level.

The EVault Express Recovery Appliance stages backups locally, allowing transfers to the Cloud over time.  The incremental costs for the appliance are small compared to conventional 100% on-site backup.  Near-term recovery time is quicker, but maybe more important is the emotional benefit of having recent backups within the company walls (locally or at a remote facility). 

This pragmatic tweak to the Cloud Storage model could open up the business market for SaaS in a big way.  What do you think?


The digital house fire

Your customers need online backup or data recovery services.  Offer both. 


My friend Bret Rohloff at Microsoft calls the loss of computer data a “digital house fire”.  Well put.  There are lots of parallels, and the results are often the same: the permanent loss of precious, priceless keepsakes.

One big difference: unlike physical possessions, “priceless” digital possessions can be replicated and stored somewhere else to keep them safe.

Uberpulse’s Data Recovery Services tour

Uberpulse visited Seagate’s Recovery Services team.  Some interesting takeaways:

  • Cost to store data locally: ~$200
  • Cost to back it up online: ~$50/year
  • Cost to recover lost data: at least $500, often thousands of dollars

I’ve been meaning to sign up for online backup…I’m motivated to get it done now!

Solution providers can offer these services  

Seagate has programs that allow solution providers to offer Seagate Recovery Services and Evault (Seagate’s online backup service) to their customers.