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I’ve moved…and added a blog

The Storage Effect has moved to the newly expanded Seagate blog section of seagate.com.  Come visit me there and subscribe for any of the new Seagate blogs.

I’m also posting to a new blog at Seagate, focused specifically on IT storage called Inside IT Storage

Come join the conversations!


Storage Effect has moved

Visit Storage Effect at its new location 

I’m excited to be moving Storage Effect into better accommodations on seagate.com.  From now on, you can find Storage Effect at http://media.seagate.com/center/storage-effect .

It’s been a blast growing the blog “off the radar”.  But taking advantage of the Seagate infrastructure will free me to focus more on the blog content and less on the site.  

For you it means exposure to Seagate’s burgeoning blog scene.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but we’re not calling the page “Seagate Blogs” for nothing.  You’ll also have easier access to videos and other cool content being generated at Seagate.

Be sure to change your Storage Effect link or subscribe to my new RSS feed to stay connected.

See you there!

Why I froze a disk drive in my ice rink

Check it out at my new digs on seagate.com! 

Yes, I’m moving on up to a better place in the Mother Ship. 

Storage Effect’s location is changing, but not the content.  Expect to see more of the same, including the first installment of the continuing saga of my frozen Seagate FreeAgent Go portable drive. 

The new url is http://media.seagate.com/center/storage-effect . Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed for the new page. 

Hope to see you there soon!

One terabyte Christmas tree


If storage isn’t a big enough part of your work life, how about bringing it home for the Holidays?

This enterprising chap turned 70 old SCSI disk drives into a one terabyte tannenbaum. 

If he had used today’s latest small form factor enterprise  SAS drives (like the 300GB Seagate Savvio), he would have would have had 21 terabytes to string with tinsel. 

Something to plan for next year, Philip?

Happy Holidays to Storage Effect readers wherever you are.  I wish you the very best in 2009.

Storage stronger than your average sector


Bucking economic trends as recently as September

Storage Station noted that Gartner and IDC are seeing about 10% growth in storage revenue in the third quarter of 2008.  That’s pretty recent evidence that storage continues to resist macroeconomic momentum.

While it’s clearly not a boom time given the layoffs announced by EMC, Pillar, WD, Hutchinson and others, it’s a relatively positive trend.

These days we take what we can get.

HP moves to 300GB SAS

75% less power and 70% less space than 3.5″ drives


HP’s making the move to 300GB 2.5″ SAS drives.  The Seagate-built drive is twice the capacity of previous 2.5″ SAS drives.  HP began shipping the Savvio 10K 300GB SAS drive worldwide to resellers this week.

This is another step in the rapid enterprise storage form factor transition underway.  2.5″ is mainstream for datacenters  starting now.

Seagate making progress with the Porous Membrane

Seagate recognized as “getting” corporate blogging

It’s encouraging to hear that Storage Effect is adding value to the blogoshpere, at least from Sitepoint’s perspective.  Thanks Josh! 

It’s been an eye- and mind-opening experience since we opened the doors on Storage Effect last October.  The biggest surprise to me is how much more I get out of reading blogs and comments than writing them. Hugh MacLeod’s Porous Membrane is alive and well! 

Count on more and even better stuff as the evolution continues.  And please chime in!  Let’s talk about more about what’s on your mind: 

  • What’s driving you nuts with your storage?
  • What excites you about it? 
  • What do you wish you had that you don’t?
  • What can’t you live without?