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SSD cuts processing costs six-fold

Solid state drives shine in the company of disk drives


SSDs are crazy fast but very expensive.  Compared to SSDs, disk drives seem slow – but are very affordable.  Which should you use?

Digitar’s experience shows the magic of blending the two technologies in an enterprise system.  System speed resembles the SSD, while system cost looks more like the disk drive.  Processing cost dropped from $6 per IOPS for disk only to $1 per IOPS in their blended system. 

A little flash thoughtfully placed goes a long way.


IBM may have pulled the trigger on Diligent

Potential risk for IBM competitors currently using Diligent’s product

Byte and Switch  is referencing Israeli media reports that IBM has acquired Diligent for $200M.  The deal’s been talked about in the blogosphere, including here, for a few weeks now. 

Deduplication is an important enabling technology for the data center. Diligent, EMC’s former Israeli lab, is a dedupe leader.  It’s not clear what this will mean for IBM competitors HDS, Sun and Overland that are licensing Diligent’s technology today.

There may be a bit of scrambling as the music stops on the dedupe round of techno musical chairs.